Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tender Moment

Since the day my kids have liked legos and us having a new baby in the house we have been constantly telling the boys not to leave legos on the floor or to let Simon get them.  With our boys we have to be pretty graphic in our description of what will happen other wise we get no action out of them.  A common saying is "don't let Simon get the legos or he will eat them, then he will choke on them and die!".  I Guess we did a really good job at getting out point across.  The other day Phil and the boys (not Simon) were organizing the Legos, you know sorting the people and accessories from the building things.  When all of a sudden I hear Mason screaming bloody murder and Phil starting to calm him down (for those who don't know, Mason screams like this if he drops a toy or Parker looks at him wrong, thats why I didn't jump up and run up stairs).  I hear Mason through tears say "I swallowed a Lego and now I am going to DIE!".  I had to chuckle at that, but then a few minutes later Phil brings him to me and he is extremely distraught.  So I cuddle him and give as much comforting words as I can and he is beginning to calm down when Phil comes back down stairs carrying  Everett.  I look up and Everett is red eyed and has a tear stained face.  Phil told me he couldn't find Everett for a minute and when he did he was crying.  Everett told Phil that he was really scared for Mason and didn't want him to die.  Phil calmly told Everett not to worry Mason is not going to die but if he was that worried maybe he should say a prayer for him, Everett's response was that he already did but he would feel better if they said another one together.  If there is ever a moment that makes a mother feel on top of the world it was in that moment for me  seeing that brotherly love and faith in a prayer.  With everything I try to teach my kids everyday and sometimes feel it goes in one ear and out the other I live for the moments that you can see it actually working.  Who ever knows Everett knows he is the toughest most independent boy, but man, he has the largest spirit I have ever seen.  I pray every night that I can teach and guide that wonderful spirit to be the strongest he can be and I know with Heavenly Fathers help I can do that.  I live through all of the struggles and hard times of parenting for a tiny glimpse of those big powerful spirits and every now and then I am rewarded. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I finally got some pictures on here of Disneyland and I am still working on Legoland (I working with how my morning sickness goes) so here is Disneyland.  We will have a lot more pictures on our Phils Photo Gallery we have a link on the side of the blog.  I didn't want to post everything we took a lot of pictures
This is what Simon did most of the time he still had fun, I think he like to Dumbo ride the best.
This is our first ride, If you notice Mason was not to happy.  We learned he is a lot different than his brothers he doesn't like fast rides.

on Pirate Island trying to escape.
Phil took this of Parker and Emma during the ride, they had fun.
in front of the castle the boys didn't want to be there because princess are icky.
Everett trying to drive he didn't have the leg power to push the gas, he enjoyed it though.
Everett and Adam got picked to do Jedi training, it was so fun.  Everett even got to battle Darth Vader and resist the dark side to become a padowan.
Mason loved the tea cups (me:yuck!)  Luckily Emma liked them as well and took him on it several times.

Here we are at the front of  the park.


I thought I would get these picture on here sooner but I have been feeling like crap (morning sickness) so sorry.  We had so much fun on our trip to Cali.  After our stop to the Redwoods we drove down to San Franscio.  I have only been slightly interested in this city to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombard street.  After being there I am so intrigued.  I really want to make a trip just to see the city.  I was so impressed with it, it was such a fascinating city.  

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Going Private

I think it is time to go private.  If you want to keep reading my blog just post you email or email me at I will send you an invite.  Thanks for reading!