Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm to impatient

So I have a bunch more pictures to post of randomness of my kids, but I am so impatient with our slower internet that I'll do just one right now and I promise I will add some more soon.
Here is Calvin in our field before it snowed :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of school

Yeah school started!!!
I have THREE kids in school, crazy! The boys were very excited to start school today. Parker my non-morning person was up before 7:00 fully dressed and ready to go, did I mention school doesn't start until 9. He got to enjoy breakfast all alone with his dad which is good for him I think, every boy deserves alone time with daddy. He had a slightly rough first day back, changing schools and all is not easy. Everett was NOT excited to be going back he was slightly grumpy all morning but when I picked him up after school he said it was the best day ever. Mason my little kindergartener was very excited this morning, but he has afternoon kindergarten. By the time we were at the school he was getting really nervous, but he warmed up quickly. When I picked him up he said that he was only there ten minutes (meaning time went by quick because he was having fun). I had 2 1/2 wonderful hours with only Calvin and Simon. They are the two busiest but Calvin took a nap and I put a short show on for Simon and he fell asleep and then so did I, NICE! I won't be continuing that but it is good to know that that is a possibility :) It may take me sometime getting used to the schedule but I can handle that.

I am enjoying being back in Spokane. When we lived here before I noticed that when I was out and about I always saw someone I knew, not just random people but someone I would want to stop and talk to. It is still like that and it is wonderful, I feel at home here. I do miss Portland but I am loving being back here, I just need more friends in my ward.

If I ever get on our computer (not laptop) I will post some pictures, hopefully soon (we will see about that).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting adjusted

Well, we are SLOWLY getting adjusted here in Spokane. I used to think that I did the majority of the unpacking which I do, but the heavy and hard to move Phil would help me with. I am much more appreciative of Phils help now. Phil went to work the Monday after we got here which is great, but I have taken a lot longer to unpack than normal. I'm sure once school starts I will get more done.
The school district here is so packed that they only let an exact number of students per grade in the school. So if they get more enrolled they bus them to another school in the district as overflow students. So now Parker is going to Adams elementary and Everett and Mason are going to Sunrise, grrrrr! Now I will have not only two times (because of kindergarten) for pick up/drop off, I will have two schools to go to. Thankfully the schools are like two minutes apart I can deal with that.
We have already been asked to speak in church AGAIN I was hoping for SOME time. I was talking to a lady in the mothers room who has been here for 8 months and hasn't had to speak yet, what the heck, why do we go before they do? oh well, I was totally expecting it to happen :)
The boys are loving the house and the room to roam but they have been getting board with no friends (you know who you are). We are happy to be back here but it feels WEIRD moving back into a house we have lived in before. I can sort of relate to missionaries now, leaving home for two years and coming back. Things are familiar yet unfamiliar, you remember how you used to do things but you have changed and grown over the course of time. Some of your same friends are here and are ready to start the friendship up where you left off and other friends are no longer here (tear). What a crazy time in our lives right now, we appreciate the prayers in our behave and the help we have received from family and friends. We know that the Lord will help us get though this rough time and we know the only things that really matter our our faith and our family, everything is replaceable.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life Change.....Can you Guess?

Come on give it a try.....

No I'm NOT pregnant....

Any Guesses?


OK here it is......

We are moving again!!!!

This is not a joke we are doing it again. Thankfully we are moving to a paying job and a house and city we love. We are going back to Spokane. Timing was good with our old house, our renters moved out at the beginning of July. The boys are thrilled to be moving by so many cousins and they LOVE the house. I am anxious to just get it over with and just be there and settled in. We are not going to have an easy road ahead of us with career change but there have be many blessing, I can't and don't feel bad. At times I am sad but who isn't with BIG changes. I am really going to miss my friends here, they have been some of THE BEST I have ever had. I am not ready to leave my calling, I don't feel I have learned all that I need to. I don't get to have any of the corn that we grew in our garden (Tara enjoy that for me). All that aside we are very blessed with our health and our family. I know we are being watched over and blessings will come from these trials. For those here in OC It has been wonderful knowing you and I hope you have happy lives and I hope we will see each other again.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life as a Boy...

Parker has reaching quite a wonderful age. He understands right and wrong, he know how to do things with limited explanation. He ponders things about the world, family and himself. Here is something he said to me today that I found very interesting in him understanding himself. We had a friend over that I was watching and they all were having a wonderful time on the trampoline, then the swings, then the slide and just plane old running about boy stuff. While Parker was on the swings he says to me "Mom, I noticed when other kids are around I want to show off how tough and strong I am, why is that?" My response "Parker, I guess thats just part of being a BOY". I thought that was so funny I had to share it.

I LOVE MY BOYS! I enjoy them more and more the older they get.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo Adventures

The 5th of may was an adventuresome day. I had a blast in the morning making some homemade baby food with my friend Tara. It is soooo yummy we had a hard time not eating it ourselves. Here is Calvin with a big spoonful. He loves it, store bought baby food he wasn't digging very much. He LOVES this food.

Shortly after Mason stepped on some glass and sliced in between his toes. He was a trooper he cried shortly after it happened. We went to the urgent care, they were great. They handled him really well. They never said the word SHOT. He didn't get upset until after the numbing shot. He then cried the whole time they put the stitch in. I think it was more from delayed realization that he got shots, but he was VERY brave. When he got home he had a lot of fun retailing the story to his brothers. His version was MUCH more gruesome and gory. Whats the fun of telling a story if it doesn't get a reaction, right? (sorry if the picture grosses you out, but he wanted me to post it)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Since life is all about change and we are going through some changes in our family. I thought I should change up the look of my blog. What do you think? I think the girl looks like me (kinda) thats why I picked it, also if anyone knows me it GREEN (actually #1 reason I picked it). Hope you enjoy reading and leave a comment please, I love them.

A few changes I have been doing myself (in no particular order). I have been trying really listen to my children, complaints and ramblings. I have realized I really need to connect with each one in their ways. Be it playing a computer game WITH them. Or sitting on the couch and hearing a long drawn out story from a dream they had. Or giving them extra hugs and telling them how great they are. I have been doing it and am loving the response from my little guys. I don't understand boys and why they do what they do, which is funny seeing how I have five of them. So I figured I need to just delve into their world. It has been great, but my gun noise making abilities STILL haven't improved (LOL).
I have also been trying remember my morning prayers. I have alway been good and night just not so great in the morning. I am what you would call "NOT" a morning person. Mornings I barely can remember who is who and where they need to go (as a side note, I jokingly call myself sleeping beauty, because MY prince Philip has to kiss me awake, though that doesn't always work, LOL). So this has been fairly hard but I have been doing good. I had to write in soap on my bathroom mirror "morning prayer" so I would remember but it has worked. I feel better because of it and makes listening to my kids that much easier.
I have also been trying to cook more. I mean I have always "cooked" or rather warmed something up that was food and we ate it. I have been trying to MAKE dinner not just feed my family. This has been hard since I don't really know how. I am learning most of it from this website. She is great because she has pictures for each step (I am a very visual learner) of what she makes, AND it is SIMPLE ingredients. She lives on a ranch and cook for ranchers. Having a bunch of boys, meat and potatoes are perfect for my house. I just ease up on the butter, which she uses a lot of. I am enjoying it and so is my family. Some of my new favorites meals to make that get a lot of attention are Pot roast, Sloppy Joes, Chicken strips and Cinnamon Toast (the right way).
I have also been able to serve in the primary presidency as the 1st councilor. At first I was dreading it. But now I have learned the blessing of serving these kids. I get to teach such innocent and powerful young spirits. I have been able to overcome some major fears in a very non-threatening environment. I have felt spiritual inspiration while giving sharing times and they have been, to me, mind blowing. I am not great with words and sometimes the things that have come out of my mouth have been straight from heavenly father through me. I have found a love for these kids that I wasn't expecting. One major lesson I have learned, NEVER wear pointed toe heels in primary, your feet will kill you after two hours.
Heres to life, to bettering ourselves and its changes good and bad!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Parker got to do his first Pinewood Derby this week. He was so excited to make his car, and I am proud to announce he did MOST of the work HIMSELF. He wanted a cool Super Mario car so he came up with the idea of a Bullet Bill. His car didn't place anything (which is OK, but he was a little disappointed) but he did win an award for "Toughest Car" that made his day. He was lucky also to have sharing day at school the next day so he got to bring it to show his class.

Here he is with his good buddy Kaden.

There is his cool bullet bill Pinewood Derby.

His car is the middle black blurr. It actually beat another car this round after we put some graphite on the wheels.

This had them entertained a good 45 min.

I just love seeing all their little heads hard at work, and little Calvin staring at me, he is so cute!

What fun these brothers have together.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Book signing

My good friend Tara told me about this blog The Pioneer Woman. She has great cooking tutorials and photos and other things. I have really enjoyed reading her blog. Well, she came out with a cook book and did a mini book tour here in Portland and Seattle. Since I have never been to a book signing I thought it would be fun to go, so Tara and I went.

This is her after she arrived during the Q/A part of the book signing.
(sorry it's blurry, I had to hold my camera in the air to get this shot and I couldn't tell it was focused)

Having never been to a book signing we didn't know what to expect, so after two hours and two grumpy babies and two tired mommies we decided to just get a quick photo (to say "yes we were there"). I know, I know how lame are we, but whatever! we went and we will know what to expect next time.

Me (w/Calvin) and Tara (w/Bennet), Bree in the background.

If I haven't ever mentioned it before these two babies are only 11 hours apart in age. So fun!

Blessed Parker

I have said it before and I will say it again, I am so thankful for my oldest child Parker. He is such a good help. He looks like a little mini Phil sitting here with Calvin. We were at the soccer games for 3 hours (an hour for each game and one in between). Parker spent half of the time playing WITH Simon on the playground and the other half playing with Calvin on the side lines. I am so lucky to have him as my helper, Thank you Parker you will make a wonderful dad someday.

Mason Soccer

Watching 4 and 5 year olds play soccer is so entertaining. The first half of the game is spent getting the kids to get the ball to the right goal. Mason is one of 3 boys on his team but he doesn't seem to care. He loves it.

Right after this was taken he made the first goal. GO MASON!

Everett Soccer

This boy LOVES soccer. I think he will make a great goalie, he likes to hang on the outskirts and keep the ball out of the goal. But he is good when he get in the game as well.

Of course he has to stop and give Calvin attention, as always

Do you think this guy is a proud big brother? Nah, not at all (LOL!)

Calvin is getting Big

Well in the last two weeks Calvin has gotten 2 teeth, started rolling, and sitting up by himself. You forget just how quick these things go with babies. He is so fun and very adored around here.

Everett is such a good helper. If only Calvin were slightly lighter he would be held a lot more, I guess thats a good thing then

The many faces of Simon

This kid is such a crack up, he make the cutest faces in the world. There is something to be said about two year olds, they are tough but man are they the cutest things EVER! I think Heavenly Father made them that way so they would survive adolescence.

I just want to kiss him!

Random fun

Yea! I'm updating. We have been have some fun at our house. My mom gave me this great idea, for easter we gave the boys shaving cream. No, we aren't preparing for shaving we are having good CLEAN fun. I must say our kitchen table smelled and felt smooth and fresh after this. Also the boys LOOOVED it!

I call this picture "Learning from the masters" I think its funny how the older two are doing the arm toots and the younger two are watching intently, while the "middle" child just laughs. How could I resist posting such a funny picture

I had to show off my chubby baby. I can't leave all this cute cub alone, who could. Don't you just want to eat him up, so nummy!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We got our annual family pictures done last month and I think they turned out really well. A huge thanks to my friend Tara who took them. You can see more of them here. The boys get a little crazy with pictures so thankfully Tara knows my boys are wasn't annoyed by it (Thanks Tara). Hope you enjoy them, we had fun.

Parker 8 1/2

Everett 7

Mason 5

Simon 2

Calvin 5 1/2 months

We had an "all boys" shot (but they were to dark), so I jokingly said "well are we going to have an all girls shot then?" so we did. How often do you get a pretty picture of your self when your a mom of lots of little ones? Especially when your "ready" for a picture, that was fun.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Callings

Well a month or so back our stake did a realigning of our ward boundaries. We went from 4 wards to 5. So, with that Phil and I both got new callings. Phil went from the Assistant Varsity Coach to the 1st counselor in the Young Mens Presidency. I went from being the Bear den leader to the 1st Counselor in the Primary presidency. Phil is still working with the same boys, minus a few that went to the other ward and some added responsibilities. I am, should I say waaay out of my comfort zone. I am excited about the new experiences and things that I will learn. I am excited about the blessings that this calling will bring to me and my family. Also the many thing I will learn and grow from being here that will help me in other areas of my life. I thank the lord every day for all my blessings and trials. I hope to be able to do a good job. I will extremely miss my cub scouts (I LOVED that calling) but I still get to see the boys and interact with them so I won't miss them to much. Here's to new things!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Few Firsts

I decided to try some solid foods with Calvin this week. He didn't like the bib but did't mind the food. Sorry about the blurry pictures I needed help from Everett and he doesn't quite understand my camera and focusing.

***funny naked shots of a toddler***

I figured if Pioneer Woman (scroll down, its there) can post a picture of her naked toddler on a 4 wheeler, I can post these of Simon, I have Waaaaay less readers than she does.

This is why you don't do three things:
1 - Get Simon out of the bath and NOT get his dress RIGHT AWAY!
2 - Leave the door TO the Garage open.
3 - Leave you car unlocked

Luckily he didn't leave me a present in there at all. If your wondering he is looking for gum, sneaky little guy.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wolf and Mascara

Parker has worked really hard over the past 9 months and has finally received his Wolf Badge. Thus begins our families journey into scouting, I can hardly wait!

What happens when you leave your bedroom door open and then can't find your two year old..... This happens!

Yea, he looks really sorry. Luckily he didn't poke his eye out with that mascara. So cute how they like to copy mommy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

What happened to Simon?

Simon is the biggest crack up, he is constantly making funny faces or doing funny things. Here is one of his newest things, he loves these vampire teeth.

His new love is this batman suit, originally bought for Everett when he was 4 (I think) now it has moved onto a new owner. The funny thing is almost every time I get him dressed in it and say "wow, your batman" he alway punches me. Silly kid!

This one of my boys is just way to cute.