Sunday, May 2, 2010


Since life is all about change and we are going through some changes in our family. I thought I should change up the look of my blog. What do you think? I think the girl looks like me (kinda) thats why I picked it, also if anyone knows me it GREEN (actually #1 reason I picked it). Hope you enjoy reading and leave a comment please, I love them.

A few changes I have been doing myself (in no particular order). I have been trying really listen to my children, complaints and ramblings. I have realized I really need to connect with each one in their ways. Be it playing a computer game WITH them. Or sitting on the couch and hearing a long drawn out story from a dream they had. Or giving them extra hugs and telling them how great they are. I have been doing it and am loving the response from my little guys. I don't understand boys and why they do what they do, which is funny seeing how I have five of them. So I figured I need to just delve into their world. It has been great, but my gun noise making abilities STILL haven't improved (LOL).
I have also been trying remember my morning prayers. I have alway been good and night just not so great in the morning. I am what you would call "NOT" a morning person. Mornings I barely can remember who is who and where they need to go (as a side note, I jokingly call myself sleeping beauty, because MY prince Philip has to kiss me awake, though that doesn't always work, LOL). So this has been fairly hard but I have been doing good. I had to write in soap on my bathroom mirror "morning prayer" so I would remember but it has worked. I feel better because of it and makes listening to my kids that much easier.
I have also been trying to cook more. I mean I have always "cooked" or rather warmed something up that was food and we ate it. I have been trying to MAKE dinner not just feed my family. This has been hard since I don't really know how. I am learning most of it from this website. She is great because she has pictures for each step (I am a very visual learner) of what she makes, AND it is SIMPLE ingredients. She lives on a ranch and cook for ranchers. Having a bunch of boys, meat and potatoes are perfect for my house. I just ease up on the butter, which she uses a lot of. I am enjoying it and so is my family. Some of my new favorites meals to make that get a lot of attention are Pot roast, Sloppy Joes, Chicken strips and Cinnamon Toast (the right way).
I have also been able to serve in the primary presidency as the 1st councilor. At first I was dreading it. But now I have learned the blessing of serving these kids. I get to teach such innocent and powerful young spirits. I have been able to overcome some major fears in a very non-threatening environment. I have felt spiritual inspiration while giving sharing times and they have been, to me, mind blowing. I am not great with words and sometimes the things that have come out of my mouth have been straight from heavenly father through me. I have found a love for these kids that I wasn't expecting. One major lesson I have learned, NEVER wear pointed toe heels in primary, your feet will kill you after two hours.
Heres to life, to bettering ourselves and its changes good and bad!


Carrie said...

What you are doing with your boys is great. In fact, its just what I needed to hear. I've been struggling with my boys lately, I now I think you just gave me the solution. I just need to take more time with them, listen to them. You are such a great mom! And a great example.

Love the new look of the blog. It does seem totally you!

jefferies said...

I love your new blog layout! I think you're doing awesome with your boys...we're all learning this boy stuff, huh? Thanks for serving in the primary're just doing a fabulous job.

camfox said...

I loved reading this post. I feel like I can relate so well. I just got called as the 1st Councilor in Primary as well (weren't you previously in cub scouts, like me? Funny.) It has been an adjustment, but I love it more and more with each sharing time. I especially love Sr. Primary- I think because they're cub scout age, and I'm used to that already. Morning prayers make such a difference for me too. The soap is a good idea. I made a new years resolution to plan dinner early, so it's not a last minute choas. It makes a big difference when I make dinner a priority. We're all happier, and there's a better feeling in the home.
I love your idea of being a better listener. I have noticed lately that I need to sympathize more with my children instead of coming back at them with a solution to their challenge or talking them out of why they shouldn't be upset when they are. I think you're great Katie. Thanks so much for sharing your heart.