Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We got our annual family pictures done last month and I think they turned out really well. A huge thanks to my friend Tara who took them. You can see more of them here. The boys get a little crazy with pictures so thankfully Tara knows my boys are wasn't annoyed by it (Thanks Tara). Hope you enjoy them, we had fun.

Parker 8 1/2

Everett 7

Mason 5

Simon 2

Calvin 5 1/2 months

We had an "all boys" shot (but they were to dark), so I jokingly said "well are we going to have an all girls shot then?" so we did. How often do you get a pretty picture of your self when your a mom of lots of little ones? Especially when your "ready" for a picture, that was fun.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Callings

Well a month or so back our stake did a realigning of our ward boundaries. We went from 4 wards to 5. So, with that Phil and I both got new callings. Phil went from the Assistant Varsity Coach to the 1st counselor in the Young Mens Presidency. I went from being the Bear den leader to the 1st Counselor in the Primary presidency. Phil is still working with the same boys, minus a few that went to the other ward and some added responsibilities. I am, should I say waaay out of my comfort zone. I am excited about the new experiences and things that I will learn. I am excited about the blessings that this calling will bring to me and my family. Also the many thing I will learn and grow from being here that will help me in other areas of my life. I thank the lord every day for all my blessings and trials. I hope to be able to do a good job. I will extremely miss my cub scouts (I LOVED that calling) but I still get to see the boys and interact with them so I won't miss them to much. Here's to new things!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Few Firsts

I decided to try some solid foods with Calvin this week. He didn't like the bib but did't mind the food. Sorry about the blurry pictures I needed help from Everett and he doesn't quite understand my camera and focusing.

***funny naked shots of a toddler***

I figured if Pioneer Woman (scroll down, its there) can post a picture of her naked toddler on a 4 wheeler, I can post these of Simon, I have Waaaaay less readers than she does.

This is why you don't do three things:
1 - Get Simon out of the bath and NOT get his dress RIGHT AWAY!
2 - Leave the door TO the Garage open.
3 - Leave you car unlocked

Luckily he didn't leave me a present in there at all. If your wondering he is looking for gum, sneaky little guy.