Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Parkers turns 8, joins Cub scouts and gets Baptized

My once little boy Parker has turned 8 on May 13th, and was able to join my wolf den. If any of you know my family we are big scouters (my dad has worked for the Boy Scouts for the last 18 years, for those who don't know). Needless to say we were very excited about this and I am happy to be starting the journey of being a mom of scouts. He quickly earned his Bobcat and is patiently (for Parker) working on his Wolf, according to him he wants it NOW!
On June 13th he was baptized. I think I was is shock because everything seemed to just roll along smoothly. But then again I have noticed all the craziness before a spiritual event is usually just the adversary trying to get us to make wrong choices and once that has passed the spirit is overwhelming. Parker was so precious he was beaming from head to toe. As his mom I kept worrying about him not being prepared and knowing what he should for this event. But then he must take in more than I realize because he was so anxious to be baptized that as soon as the prayer was over he threw his head back and didn't even plug his nose, Phil just barely caught him to actually help him. It was wonderful. Thanks to all those who came to support Parker, we were happy you could be there.