Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of school

Yeah school started!!!
I have THREE kids in school, crazy! The boys were very excited to start school today. Parker my non-morning person was up before 7:00 fully dressed and ready to go, did I mention school doesn't start until 9. He got to enjoy breakfast all alone with his dad which is good for him I think, every boy deserves alone time with daddy. He had a slightly rough first day back, changing schools and all is not easy. Everett was NOT excited to be going back he was slightly grumpy all morning but when I picked him up after school he said it was the best day ever. Mason my little kindergartener was very excited this morning, but he has afternoon kindergarten. By the time we were at the school he was getting really nervous, but he warmed up quickly. When I picked him up he said that he was only there ten minutes (meaning time went by quick because he was having fun). I had 2 1/2 wonderful hours with only Calvin and Simon. They are the two busiest but Calvin took a nap and I put a short show on for Simon and he fell asleep and then so did I, NICE! I won't be continuing that but it is good to know that that is a possibility :) It may take me sometime getting used to the schedule but I can handle that.

I am enjoying being back in Spokane. When we lived here before I noticed that when I was out and about I always saw someone I knew, not just random people but someone I would want to stop and talk to. It is still like that and it is wonderful, I feel at home here. I do miss Portland but I am loving being back here, I just need more friends in my ward.

If I ever get on our computer (not laptop) I will post some pictures, hopefully soon (we will see about that).