Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Parker got to do his first Pinewood Derby this week. He was so excited to make his car, and I am proud to announce he did MOST of the work HIMSELF. He wanted a cool Super Mario car so he came up with the idea of a Bullet Bill. His car didn't place anything (which is OK, but he was a little disappointed) but he did win an award for "Toughest Car" that made his day. He was lucky also to have sharing day at school the next day so he got to bring it to show his class.

Here he is with his good buddy Kaden.

There is his cool bullet bill Pinewood Derby.

His car is the middle black blurr. It actually beat another car this round after we put some graphite on the wheels.

This had them entertained a good 45 min.

I just love seeing all their little heads hard at work, and little Calvin staring at me, he is so cute!

What fun these brothers have together.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Book signing

My good friend Tara told me about this blog The Pioneer Woman. She has great cooking tutorials and photos and other things. I have really enjoyed reading her blog. Well, she came out with a cook book and did a mini book tour here in Portland and Seattle. Since I have never been to a book signing I thought it would be fun to go, so Tara and I went.

This is her after she arrived during the Q/A part of the book signing.
(sorry it's blurry, I had to hold my camera in the air to get this shot and I couldn't tell it was focused)

Having never been to a book signing we didn't know what to expect, so after two hours and two grumpy babies and two tired mommies we decided to just get a quick photo (to say "yes we were there"). I know, I know how lame are we, but whatever! we went and we will know what to expect next time.

Me (w/Calvin) and Tara (w/Bennet), Bree in the background.

If I haven't ever mentioned it before these two babies are only 11 hours apart in age. So fun!

Blessed Parker

I have said it before and I will say it again, I am so thankful for my oldest child Parker. He is such a good help. He looks like a little mini Phil sitting here with Calvin. We were at the soccer games for 3 hours (an hour for each game and one in between). Parker spent half of the time playing WITH Simon on the playground and the other half playing with Calvin on the side lines. I am so lucky to have him as my helper, Thank you Parker you will make a wonderful dad someday.

Mason Soccer

Watching 4 and 5 year olds play soccer is so entertaining. The first half of the game is spent getting the kids to get the ball to the right goal. Mason is one of 3 boys on his team but he doesn't seem to care. He loves it.

Right after this was taken he made the first goal. GO MASON!

Everett Soccer

This boy LOVES soccer. I think he will make a great goalie, he likes to hang on the outskirts and keep the ball out of the goal. But he is good when he get in the game as well.

Of course he has to stop and give Calvin attention, as always

Do you think this guy is a proud big brother? Nah, not at all (LOL!)

Calvin is getting Big

Well in the last two weeks Calvin has gotten 2 teeth, started rolling, and sitting up by himself. You forget just how quick these things go with babies. He is so fun and very adored around here.

Everett is such a good helper. If only Calvin were slightly lighter he would be held a lot more, I guess thats a good thing then

The many faces of Simon

This kid is such a crack up, he make the cutest faces in the world. There is something to be said about two year olds, they are tough but man are they the cutest things EVER! I think Heavenly Father made them that way so they would survive adolescence.

I just want to kiss him!

Random fun

Yea! I'm updating. We have been have some fun at our house. My mom gave me this great idea, for easter we gave the boys shaving cream. No, we aren't preparing for shaving we are having good CLEAN fun. I must say our kitchen table smelled and felt smooth and fresh after this. Also the boys LOOOVED it!

I call this picture "Learning from the masters" I think its funny how the older two are doing the arm toots and the younger two are watching intently, while the "middle" child just laughs. How could I resist posting such a funny picture

I had to show off my chubby baby. I can't leave all this cute cub alone, who could. Don't you just want to eat him up, so nummy!