Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Parker got to do his first Pinewood Derby this week. He was so excited to make his car, and I am proud to announce he did MOST of the work HIMSELF. He wanted a cool Super Mario car so he came up with the idea of a Bullet Bill. His car didn't place anything (which is OK, but he was a little disappointed) but he did win an award for "Toughest Car" that made his day. He was lucky also to have sharing day at school the next day so he got to bring it to show his class.

Here he is with his good buddy Kaden.

There is his cool bullet bill Pinewood Derby.

His car is the middle black blurr. It actually beat another car this round after we put some graphite on the wheels.

This had them entertained a good 45 min.

I just love seeing all their little heads hard at work, and little Calvin staring at me, he is so cute!

What fun these brothers have together.


Abe Fox said...

Great Pictures! Soccer, Pinewood Derby, Book signings...Fun Stuff! Looking forward to seeing you guys this summer in Spokane!