Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Few Firsts

I decided to try some solid foods with Calvin this week. He didn't like the bib but did't mind the food. Sorry about the blurry pictures I needed help from Everett and he doesn't quite understand my camera and focusing.

***funny naked shots of a toddler***

I figured if Pioneer Woman (scroll down, its there) can post a picture of her naked toddler on a 4 wheeler, I can post these of Simon, I have Waaaaay less readers than she does.

This is why you don't do three things:
1 - Get Simon out of the bath and NOT get his dress RIGHT AWAY!
2 - Leave the door TO the Garage open.
3 - Leave you car unlocked

Luckily he didn't leave me a present in there at all. If your wondering he is looking for gum, sneaky little guy.