Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo Adventures

The 5th of may was an adventuresome day. I had a blast in the morning making some homemade baby food with my friend Tara. It is soooo yummy we had a hard time not eating it ourselves. Here is Calvin with a big spoonful. He loves it, store bought baby food he wasn't digging very much. He LOVES this food.

Shortly after Mason stepped on some glass and sliced in between his toes. He was a trooper he cried shortly after it happened. We went to the urgent care, they were great. They handled him really well. They never said the word SHOT. He didn't get upset until after the numbing shot. He then cried the whole time they put the stitch in. I think it was more from delayed realization that he got shots, but he was VERY brave. When he got home he had a lot of fun retailing the story to his brothers. His version was MUCH more gruesome and gory. Whats the fun of telling a story if it doesn't get a reaction, right? (sorry if the picture grosses you out, but he wanted me to post it)


camfox said...

Mmmmmm homemade babyfood. I'd love your recipes. I'm a fan of homemade babyfood. What did you guys make?
I hope Mason heals up quickly. That looks owie.

Katie Fox said...

We made a ton of different kinds-banana,apple -Cauliflower,potato,carrot,zuchinni-sweet potato-Carrot-banana,apple. they are so good.