Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting adjusted

Well, we are SLOWLY getting adjusted here in Spokane. I used to think that I did the majority of the unpacking which I do, but the heavy and hard to move Phil would help me with. I am much more appreciative of Phils help now. Phil went to work the Monday after we got here which is great, but I have taken a lot longer to unpack than normal. I'm sure once school starts I will get more done.
The school district here is so packed that they only let an exact number of students per grade in the school. So if they get more enrolled they bus them to another school in the district as overflow students. So now Parker is going to Adams elementary and Everett and Mason are going to Sunrise, grrrrr! Now I will have not only two times (because of kindergarten) for pick up/drop off, I will have two schools to go to. Thankfully the schools are like two minutes apart I can deal with that.
We have already been asked to speak in church AGAIN I was hoping for SOME time. I was talking to a lady in the mothers room who has been here for 8 months and hasn't had to speak yet, what the heck, why do we go before they do? oh well, I was totally expecting it to happen :)
The boys are loving the house and the room to roam but they have been getting board with no friends (you know who you are). We are happy to be back here but it feels WEIRD moving back into a house we have lived in before. I can sort of relate to missionaries now, leaving home for two years and coming back. Things are familiar yet unfamiliar, you remember how you used to do things but you have changed and grown over the course of time. Some of your same friends are here and are ready to start the friendship up where you left off and other friends are no longer here (tear). What a crazy time in our lives right now, we appreciate the prayers in our behave and the help we have received from family and friends. We know that the Lord will help us get though this rough time and we know the only things that really matter our our faith and our family, everything is replaceable.


camfox said...

Moving is hard Katie. So hard. I'm feeling it with you. We'll pray for you guys. Lots of love. -Camille

Betsy Fox said...

That is a bummer about different schools. I think it takes a good year to get settle into a new place. Hopefully it's made a little easier that it is an area you already know! Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yep, I found you. I'm glad to hear you are all well and I hope your boys will have a great time making new friends in school. Orrin and Megan keep asking when they get to see the Fox boys. They don't quite understand the difference in distance. Give us a call sometime.
good luck:)