Friday, February 12, 2010

What happened to Simon?

Simon is the biggest crack up, he is constantly making funny faces or doing funny things. Here is one of his newest things, he loves these vampire teeth.

His new love is this batman suit, originally bought for Everett when he was 4 (I think) now it has moved onto a new owner. The funny thing is almost every time I get him dressed in it and say "wow, your batman" he alway punches me. Silly kid!

This one of my boys is just way to cute.


Amy F. said...

I love Simons little body, stocky and rotund. I bet his little fists can pack a whallop! Calvin is getting really chunky! I saw him as a little newborn! Miss you guys.

Betsy Fox said...

It's good to see that Calvin is following in his brother's chunky footsteps! What handsome boys.