Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweetest Boys Ever

Here is a conversation I had with Parker and Everett as I was putting them to bed tonight.

Parker: Mom, is the baby still a boy?
Me: Yes Parker it is still a boy (I had another ultrasound today as well, definitely a boy!)
Everett: Is there a chance that we can have a little girl.
Me: No, I am sorry Everett we are just going to be an all boy family.
Parker: Well you could have another baby and that one could be a girl.
Me: thats true Parker, but I have prayed about it and this baby is going to be the last baby in our family.
(Both boys get really sad looks on their faces)
Parker: is there two babies in there so one could be a girl?
Me: No Parker I am sorry there is only one baby and it is a boy.
Everett: why don't we get to have a girl baby?
Me: well Everett, heavenly father knows us better than we know ourselves and he knows that we are meant to be an all boy family.
(They were not satisfied with that answer)
Me: won't it be fun to have just brothers and mommy being the only girl?
(still not satisfied)
Me: Everett think of this, maybe when your a daddy you might get a little girl as your daughter.
(Everett gets a huge grin on his face and starts to giggle)
Everett: (very seriously)Well I won't be able to get her Legos, she won't know what to do with them.
Me: I am sure you'll figure that out Everett when the time comes. :) Good night Boys.


Melissa said...

Not fair: my girls know what to do with Legos!

That was very cute... ironically, my girls have never asked for a baby brother. I wonder what that means?

Betsy Fox said...

Sounds like you handled that conversation very well. I hope you are feeling well and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Tara said...

I know, Kaden is still disgruntled that this baby is another boy and not the sister he wanted. But I'm sure he'll get over it!