Monday, January 3, 2011

When It Rains it Pours!

I hope and pray bad things ONLY come in three's. This new phase of life Phil and I are going through is not an easy adjustment but we are doing fine, counting our blessings and so forth. Well when you get a grip on things there is always something that has to slip and makes you have to grip harder so you don't fall on your face. Last friday I was in a car wreck. That sentence sounds so simple but simple it was not. I was heading down the wonderfully snowy icy road on my way to Taco Time for a quick lunch. I had Mason, Simon and Calvin with me. Thankfully I left Parker and Everett home since they NEVER want to buckle their seatbelt to the point of lying to me saying they have when they haven't! Anyway, a truck heading in the opposite direction turns in front of me with not enough space to finish the turn and I slam into him going probably 30 maybe 25 mph. I sent him sliding into another car and I then go on to slam head on to the car that was stopped waiting for the truck to go. I then send him sliding into the car behind him. Five cars in total, four of them have to be towed but thankfully NO ONE was hurt. I believe I got the brunt of the wreck hitting twice in motion. I have never been in a car wreck before and let me tell you I don't want to experience that again. It has been 3 days and I still have the images going through my mind over and over and it is worse while I am driving. Physically I am ok, I am going to the chiropractors tomorrow (I would have gone earlier but it was the new year holiday) I have been having constant headaches and pain between my shoulder blades.
On top of that our refrigerator is not working properly. I think we have that figured out we are trying to defrost it and hopefully that will work.
Then tonight we completely shatter our ceramic stovetop. I had place a #10 can of dried onion on the stove to get it out of my way while I prepare dinner (first mistake. Not having my kitchen cleaned up second mistake or you can flip that because if the kitchen was cleaned up I wouldn't have had to place the can on the stove because there would have been room somewhere else or it would have been put away two days ago when I got it out, grrrr! Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, can on counter. So then I fixed dinner and turned the stove off and apparently I bumped the burner knob the can was on and turned it on high. So we eat dinner and clean up the dinning room and everyone leaves for their various forms of activity. The older boys on the computer and Phil and I and Calvin in the front room. Thank goodness no one was in the kitchen. Next thing we hear is an explosion and what sounds like heavy rain falling. I first thought the kids threw snow and a light bulb again and went running into the kitchen to get the glass before the baby goes in there. What to I find? a smashed stove top with burnt dried onions ALL OVER THE KITCHEN!!! They had hit the ceiling with the really fried and black onions, it look like an ant hill ON MY CEILING! and then the toasty onions were EVERYWHERE! we are going to be cleaning those up for weeks. So now my house smells like burnt onions, all my refrigerator and freezer things are in the garage fridge, and we only have one car. GAAAG! We are all healthy and happy. There has been hardly any fights between our kids. The boys are loving school and doing great at it. Simon and Calvin are the cutest little buddies ever and I have the Best husband who makes me feel like the most beautiful and perfect person on the planet. I know we are tried so we can receive blessing and I know we will and I know Heavenly Father knows my pain and frustrations and he is with me and my family through everything. I am thankful for what I have and what I am going to learn from these test and I know I will not be tried harder that what I can handle. I just hope there is a little break from test until we get these ones figured out :)


Betsy Fox said...

Oh, Katie, I'm so sorry you have all these things happening right now. All of them are terrible, but I suspect that many many years from now the onion story might be kind of funny. Hang in there-- we love you!

Abe Fox said...

Thinking of you guys. Not fun stuff, but you definitely have the right attitude. Good Luck with everything!!

Anonymous said...

Hope things start to look up for you guys! That's not the best start to a new year.

Sounds like you need a craft day! I'll send an FB invite sometime this week.