Sunday, March 15, 2009

Names and Baby names

Everett was curious as to what we will name the baby, I am not even thinking about it yet. but I got out the baby book and had him point to several to see what he thought. After a while we started looking up our own names to see their meanings. When I named each of the boys I did this but I haven't looked back at it since. It was quit fun to remember naming all my kids and seeing their reactions to what their names mean.
Parker means a park keeper, Parker was with Phil at stake conference so he didn't have a reaction.
Everett means strong as a boar, so if you know Everett at all this made his day (once I explained a boar is a wild pig) and he spent the next 10 min. running around on all fours pretending to be a wild pig. Another side note to Everetts name is his middle name in my maiden name (Bethel) and coincidentally the Bethel family crest has 4 boars on it. That was a fun thing to find out.
Mason means a stone worker, decided that means he is super strong to work with stone
Simon my sweet baby his name means in hebrew he who listens to me. Could you get any sweeter.
Also I looked up Phil's name and my name. Philip means lover of horses and Katie means pure
How fun is that we have a "pure love of horses" hee! hee!


Unsworth Imports said...

That was fun, Now that you mention it, I am excited to find out the name for this baby. I like the names you pick. By the way, I am a little freaked out by the weird, floating fetus on the side of your blog. I get its purpose, but I don't find it very enjoyable to look at. If you want to know why, give me a call, it is not something I want to express publicly.