Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ode to LEGOS

what a blessing legos have been in my life during the last 3 weeks.  We haven't had a toy that my kids will play with from morning to night and still want to play with the next day.  they have been my saving grace to get me through my morning sickness, and I will deal with them ending up all over my house if they keep doing their job and get me through this pregnancy.  So here's to you Legos thanks for being a life saver.


Kelsey said...

I agree!!! Legoes are the one toy my kids can play with all day, every day. I have to be vigilant about keeping them out of the baby's mouth, but I'm willing to do it!

Unsworth Imports said...

ALL HAIL LEGOS!!! I will pay homage to them and worship at their creators feet - Genius!! I love them as well. Jack will do the same thing. Sometimes he comes in from playing outside to go to the bathroom, and gets sidetracked playing his legos. He will be standing there dancing, building something, while his friends are outside waiting. I have to remind him what he is doing.