Monday, September 28, 2009

2 weeks old

The last two weeks were supposed to be filled with anxiousness, cleaning my house spotless, nervousness, impatience, and extreme crabbiness and uncomfort. Instead they have been filled with some uncomfort, but mostly just loves and kisses and cuddling with my new baby.
Calvin was supposed to be born today September 28th via scheduled c-section at 7:00am. Instead two weeks ago this is what happened. I had a normal day on September 14th. I got Parker and Everett off to school and tried to entertain Mason and Simon until they got home. We went for a walk, read books, had lunch and watched a video. Well around 2:30 right after Parker and Everett got home from school and thankfully Phil came home early I started getting some pain in my incision area (from my 4 previous c-section). So I sat down and let Phil take charge while I waited out the pain. It was intertwined with some contractions, this had happened before and died off after a two hours. well after 4:30 they were just as bad as before so Phil told me to call the doctor just to let them know what is going on and get some advice. I didn't think they were going to say much but I call anyway. They told me to go in to the hospital and get checked out. I was actually shocked and was anxious to go. Phil didn't think it was going to be a big deal at all and wanted me to go alone or take Everett with me. I said "I think this might be more than a in and out thing so YOU should take me". Well we got a babysitter right away and headed up to the hospital, which is like 30 min away. After I call the doctor I started paying attention to how often the pain and contractions were and for a solid hour including the drive they were 5 min. apart (you have to remember I have never REALLY gone into labor before so I was a little freaked out). Once at the hospital they checked us into the triage and started to monitor me and the contractions. For 2 hours the contractions stayed at 4 to 5 min apart. Phil and I weren't sure what we were waiting for, I guess we were expecting to go home soon. The nurse that was watching me came to give me and IV ,in hopes that the added fluids would stop the contractions, said casually "yea, if your still having incisional pain and your 37 weeks along with your 5th c-section your not going home tonight your having a baby". My jaw dropped to the floor, we weren't prepared at all we didn't bring the camera, I hadn't had a blessing yet, and I just realized while typing this we didn't get a picture of how big I was just before delivering. So after that we started making mental plans, whats happening with the kids who's going to bring us our camera and give me a blessing (I was not going into surgery without a Priesthood blessing). At 8:00pm the on call doctor (we missed our doctor by an hour) came in and told us he would prefer not to section me now, with being 37 weeks for the baby's health, but the consequences if he didn't (i.e. uterine rupture) were greater if he didn't. So as soon as the O.R. was open, which it would be in half an hour we would have the surgery. I was floored, I didn't have the chance to get scared or nervous because I went strait into mom mode. I got on the phone and made the arrangements for who (Marti Mcquay) was taking care of my other kids while I was in the hospital, who was picking them up from school, call the school and let them know pick up changes, canceling visiting teaching, of course had to call my mom and sisters and pregnant friends (beat ya by 12 hours Tara hee!hee!), by the time I was done they were actually waiting for ME to get off the phone to take me in there. What an experience, I am happy it is over and VERY happy to have my baby and recovering.

These Pictures are of us in the Hospital, so they are a few weeks old. I'll get some new ones once I get them downloaded.


Kelsey said...

Wow! What a good surprise! Congratulations!

Tara said...

It's amazing how life just keeps throwing you curve balls! I'm just happy to be on this side of it, and have the birth behind me! We need to hang out soon.

Carrie said...

I love that picture of you and Calvin. So sweet!

Baden Fox said...

He's beautiful Katie! I am so glad he is here safe! Congratulations! We heard you guys are coming for Thanksgiving?!? I can't wait to see him!