Wednesday, October 14, 2009

new pic

If you go to Phil photo gallery here we have some super cute pictures of Calvin. My good friend Tara took them (thanks Tara). I am learning what it is like having a small baby, how fun for my last to be little, lucky me. These photos were taken when he was 3 weeks old, he is now 4 weeks and weighs a whopping 8lbs 4oz. my last 3 children were this or bigger at birth so this is fun. Enjoy the photos.


Amy F. said...

Those pictures are precious. You'll be so glad you had them taken, they just don't stay small for very long. I like the ones where you caught that cute yawn and his little foot in your hand is darling. I hope he's doing better after the hospital visit!

Anonymous said...

So sweet:) Great photographer. Loved the little yawn!

jefferies said...

SO cute!! Good job Tara!