Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No time

Sorry, with new baby, holidays and various other activities, blogging has been put on the bottom of the totem pole of things to do. I apologize to those who have been bugging me to update (Scott this post is for you). I will still up date but not as often as I used to. Thanks to all those who read this, I appreciate your loyalty.

I will, however, give a quick account of our going ons here but I will edit all the craziness of wrestling, climbing, messes, eating and other normal home activities. Calvin is now almost 4 months old, he is such a happy baby. He is always smiling at everyone, especially his brothers. Simon is just over 2 years old and crazy as ever. I love seeing little 2 year old personalities, how they take characteristics from their older siblings and turn them into their own. He is a busy boy but very affectionate and has a smile and ear piercing laugh that really catches your attention, he is so fun. Mason is 5 and is doing a co-op preschool with his two good friends Carter and Toby. Mason loves to learn and read and absolutely LOVES Lego anything on the Wii. Everett is 7 and is in 1st grade now. He is such a HUGE help with Calvin. Everett always has been good with babies but he is now old enough to really help. I think he has a special bond with Calvin, after smiling for me and Phil he would smile for him. Parker is 8 and in 2nd grade. He loves legos and drawing and does really well with combining the two. I am still working with the bears in my ward and on the Relief Society board (formerly Enrichment board). I am adjusting well to 5 kids, if it weren't for Phil the boys wouldn't make it to school EVER. Phil is still working with the varsity boys. Thing may get changed up this sunday because they are creating a new ward in our stake. They are taking the 4 wards that make up our stake now and rearranging the boundaries to make a 5th ward. Kind of exciting, we have never been involved with a something like this before.
Well that is really all, maybe this summer I may venture out with my crew and have some fun adventures but for now with the Oregon winter (i.e. RAIN) we will stay inside.
Keep checking up on us things may get exciting or maybe not.


Katie Fox said...

Oh and it took me 2 hours just to write this and I ended at 12:30am, I am so tired goodnight.

Kelsey said...

Yeah for your update!! I know your super busy- kids do that to us don't they? I'm with the Bears our ward too! And that's after we had a split in our stake and ended up in the new ward- kind of crazy times. We are pretty much inside these days too- cold is miserable! Hopefully we get a chance to catch up with each other soon! Love, Kels

Amy F. said...

It is fun hearing about how all the boys are doing. That doesn't surprise me about Everett. He always transforms around babies and he's so gentle and sweet. I still can't believe you have FIVE boys. That's a lot of energy in one house. :) I hope John gets a brother someday.

Abe Fox said...

Thanks for the update Katie. It is exciting hearing about what your army of boys is up to.