Sunday, May 22, 2011

Super hero Simon!

I just have to state my two FAVORITE thing about my three year olds. All of them have had differences. Ranging in degrees of naughtiness and helpfulness. But two things they have all done.
First is the superhero fixation. I love this phase. Simon has had the benefit of having three older brothers go through this already so he has like 12 capes he can choose from and various other super hero pajamas and masks. Simon currently wears a cape every day if not two capes everyday.
The second thing I love is the "I want to be in only my underwear all day" phase. I do help Simon get dressed everyday and it is only a matter of time before he realizes what I have done. There is one thing that Simon does that the others did not do and that is he puts the cloths he was wearing back into his drawer, I know! Crazy right! I am counting my blessings with that one.
Three year olds are the best!


Crystyne said...

Both my boys went through this same phase at 3. I have similar pictures of Mason in a super hero cape in his underwear too.

I finally made a silhouette family for my blog. Thanks for the idea! I love it.

I miss being with you Thursday nights.... :(

Tara said...

Too cute!! And I can't believe how huge he's gotten. I need to make Bennett a cape, maybe I'll make if for his birthday (strangely the only capes we have are the jedi capes that Kate made my boys a few years ago). I'm also really looking forward to being able to potty train soon. Not much longer!!!

karin said...

amazing boy)