Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Card

I am going for a paper free approch to the Christmas letter this year, so that means only my fellow bloggers and family are going to read this (sorry Danci, I will tell you what it says).  Well to start out my letter I should say what I have said in every letter for the last five or more years.  Can anyone guess?   Yes, we moved again.  We are currently residing in Oregon City OR.  I didn't send out a letter last year because we moved here just before Christmas last year 2007.  Here is a rundown of what our family has been up to in the last two years.

Phil - Was building homes in Spokane when the market dropped, so we packed up and moved to Portland to keep Fox Capital condensed in Portland.  Phil has also gotten in to a new career path of selling Mona Vie for more info on that give him a call 503-929-2721.  He wants me to write that life is great and drink it! feel it! share it!
Katie - I have been busy over a year ago I had our fourth boy Simon Walter Fox on October 29th 2007, that has consumed my life the last year.  I am currently the Den Leader for the Wolf Cub Scouts, which is a calling I really wanted since I have four boys.  Honestly I would rather have my kids heavily involved with scouts than with sports.  We moved from Spokane and that was hard for me we had been there 3 years, the longest we have lived anywhere.  I didn't get a letter out for reasons of a new baby and a move to a new state so I think you all will understand that.  I keep my self busy with my kids, and in my spare time which is almost non-existent I like to read, blog (my new obsession), I still enjoy sewing but can't find the time at the moment, read to my kids and do crafts or projects with them.

Parker - Is 7 1/2 now, we recently took him out of school to homeschool him.  He has been loving it and I can already see a huge difference in him and it has only been a few weeks.  His current obsession is Science projects, Pandas and legos.  He is a great help with the baby and still tries to make me happy in all he does.  He is looking forward to his baptism in May.  We are looking forward to that as well.  Parker is such a joy in our home and we are blessed to have him around and we love him so much.

Everett - Is 6 now and in Kindergarden, he absolutely loves it and his teacher, he is such a smart kid.  Everett still loves bats and the color black and small things, if it is small or mini it will find its way in his pockets or his room, ie: my moms mini travel scriptures, small note pads, tiny pencils, little cups anything little he likes.  He loves to have a notebook and pencil to carry around and pretend things.  Everett is so intense with everything.  He loves hugs and gives great ones and you should hear this kids prayers they are amazing, you can tell he already has a personal relationship with Heavenly Father.  Everett is my second mother to Simon. He is so precious with him always playing with him and reading him books.  Who needs a big sister when Everett is there to help with any little whine that Simon makes.  Everett is wonderful and we love him a lot.
Mason -  Is 4 and a wonderful little guy.  If I get a child that will sing it will be this kid, he loves musicals and is always singing.  In family home evening he has to do a solo before and after we sing the opening and closing songs.  Mason also loves movies, I struggle with him every day all day to get him to only watch one movie.  It usually ends up to be more with some TV shows included but I try.  Mason is such an obedient child, he is four so he does fight the rules but it doesn't take much to get him to correct his ways and do what he should.  He is very quick to say sorry and give hugs and kiss.  Mason is so fun and we love him so much.

Simon - Is a fun 14 month old.  He is such a happy baby and is so patient with his older brother who try to wrestle him.  He is a big momma's boy, but he does like dad too.  He only says "Hi, Dad" and "Bye" with a wave and a huge grin on his face.  Simon's favorite activity is taking the vent covers off and throwing socks and toys in them.  He has currently knocked the Christmas tree down twice, something my other three have never done.  Luckily there was a brother standing right by him and caught it before it landed on top of him.  Simon is so much fun and I have enjoyed him immensely.

We are so blessed in our lives and our trials and we are thankful for both.  We are thankful for this Christmas season and all the snow we have been getting.  We hope everyone is safe in this weather and can find joy in this season of their lives.  We love all of you and wish you all a Merry Christmas.
Love Philip, Katie, Parker, Everett, Mason and Simon 


Melissa said...

What a cute letter. Merry Christmas!