Thursday, December 4, 2008

What do You Get When You Put Three LDS Stay at Home Mom Sisters and Put Them in VEGAS!!


I don't love this picture but it works, little Jonas is in the hip pack on Danci

I am serious, who says you need to drink, gamble or go to a show in vegas to have fun.  A few of the highlights are probably more silly to us three than to anyone else.  First of all our elavator to our hotel had a lot of force and everytime we got in it Danci (sister in picture with me above) would fake like she was going to throw up whether there were other people in there or not  after a couple of time she wasn't faking anymore.  Then after we got back late from seeing Freemont street we were so tired our reactions were a little slow and we weren't sure what level we needed to get off the elevator to get to our hotel.  Sheila got off and looked around and me and Danci just stared at her while the elevator doors closed leaving Sheila alone.  The funny part was that Danci and I could hear Sheila banging on the doors calling our names and then when the doors opened all three of us were bent over stamping our feet on the ground in hysterical laughter in the exact same position (since childhood we have nick named this as the Bethel Indian Dance).  As I said before these things are probably more funny to us than to anyone else.  Then to top off the night of hysterical delirious laughter the next morning we realized we didn't remember where we parked.  After going to two different levels and not finding our car we send Danci on foot up the stairs to find our car while we waited with the luggage.  This alone was funny but what made it more hysterical was while we were waiting for Danci to come back a worker over heard our conversation and started to ask us some questions like "Do you remember getting on an elevator" or "Do you remember parking next to a post" or something like that.  I know she thought we were drunk the night before and that was how she was trying to help us.  I made it funny because our responses were slow like were hung over but we weren't just exhausted.  We had a wonderful time talking, who knew that you don't need the radio or tv on at all over a three day period.  We talked solid from Salt Lake to Vegas and back again.  Having been to Vegas a lot during high school we didn't feel like we needed to do a lot of things so we were content with only going to Coca Cola facorty and M&M world.  Our only regret was that we couldn't see Stomp, the only showing was at 7:00 and that was when my Mona Vie meeting was (that was the reason for the trip).  I love my sister and this trip was over due, we are already planning our second sisters weekend, who knows what town we will reek havoc on next time.  As a side note Jonas (Danci's baby) came with us and was an angle he slept good and enjoyed being toted around with Danci so she was able to enjoy herself as well.
Here are some of our attempted  crazy pictures and other photos of our trip.

Katie, Danci and Sheila outside Coca Cola world
Me and the wall of M&M's in M&M world
Danci and I in the Elevator

You figure out why this picture is funny.

Me with the street performer "Gold Man" (Parker loves gold so I got this for him)
Sheila being Sheila
Me with the wax Nicolas Cage

Sheila with the wax Nicolas Cage

Sheila and Danci (and Jonas) outside Paris
we stayed next door at Balley's


Unsworth Imports said...

VEGAS BABY!! I loved it. And I love You. Can't wait for the next trip. By the way, Remember, it is called the Bethel Indian Dance.

Carmen (Cholico) Lynch said...

Hey Katie,
I hope you're not creeped out by a complete stranger leaving a comment on your blog, but I am a friend of Sheila & Danci. Danci and I are actually in the same Ward and live on the same street. I did actually meet you a few years back at an Enrichment activity in our Ward so maybe I am not a complete stranger! I couldn't resist peeking at your blog! Danci has been talking for weeks about this trip and still has this permanent little grin on her face. Was it Sheila's Bladder control issue or maybe not being able to find where you parked your car? It sounds like you girls had a blast! You girls remind me so much of me and my sisters!

Carrie said...

Sounds like you had a blast. I know I'm not your sister, but I want to go next time- you gals seem like you have so much fun!
Glad you had a good time...