Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow!! What in Portland.

I don't like snow... that means its to cold for rain.  If you can name the book that the previous sentence is from give your self bonus points.  I don't personally love to snow, though I do enjoy watching in from inside my warm house during Christmas time.  Having spent 2 or 3 WINTERS in Spokane the novelty wore off very quickly when it is may and still snowing.  Anyways I did enjoy waking up to snow this morning and it is hard to not get excited when your kids are.  We quickly pulled out our boxed up snowsuits and luckily they all still fit.  Church was canceled so the boys enjoyed a morning of playing in the snow.  Then after a short family devotional (no church) we gathered our gear and headed to Stu and Tiff house.  The boys loved sledding on a wakeboard down the hills and playing in the snow with their cousins.  I stayed warm inside and made some cute Christmas decor crafts with Mckenna and Emma.  No matter how long we stay at their house it is never long enough, but we eventually we got them away with no fight and we happy with our/their fun filled snow day to be repeated tomorrow. 

And this is what Simon did.  He didn't touch this on his head I don't think he even knew it was there. Isn't he a sweety.  


Unsworth Imports said...

I love porcupine head, how cute!!

Emmyboo said...

Snow is alway so much fun with kids around.

William said...

We love you kids. Merry Christmas.
Uncle William

Amy Fox said...

Simon totally stole the show with that picture. Snow is awesome, but that face is to die for!!