Sunday, November 30, 2008

Parker and Everetts Journal

Parker 11-30-08
The thing that was the most fun this week that I did was make cardboard reindeer with grandpa and dad.  I also got an Eve bowl with my own money. I like it because it is a fun thing I got from the disney store.  I went to the mall and grandma and Grandpa went with us.  We went to built a bear to look at stuff and disney store so I could use my own money to buy something.  We got to see Bolt in 3D for Masons birthday.

Everett 11-30-08
Hun! no, I will not eat this shoe I will not eat this gun ,I will not do anything.  (I told Everett I would type what he would say and this is what he said, I don't think he was into the whole journal thing this week)


Unsworth Imports said...

Tell Everett, Thanks for not eating the gun, but I would like to see what happens if he eats the shoe.