Sunday, November 23, 2008

Parker and Everett's journal

I am going to try a new Sunday activity.  Lets see if I can be consistent with it.  I want to post some journaling of the boys, with me as the scribe, thanks Amy for the idea.  They have been wanting to do some blogging as well.  So as you read this next part remember it's coming from my boys.

Parker 11/24/08
I really like halloween colors.  When I go to color I always want to do a Halloween picture.  I worked worked really hard on my homework this week, and I earned a mini turkey from Build-a-bears.  I like my turkey because it is a fall thing.  In church today I learned about being respectful.  I like to play with my friends, we have a lot of fun doing jungle.  Some of my friends are Kyle, Ryan, Will, Emmy, Kyla, Mattie, Natalie, Julia, and AJ.  My favorite thing to do in school is art.  My favorite kind of animal is a Panda, a Monkey, and a frog.  My favorite kind of Halloween person is a skeleton.

Everett 11/24/08
I really like mini things because they are easy to hold.  I worked really hard with doing my home work every day this week and I earned a mini back back with play school things for my Build-a-bear.  In church today I learned about being respectful to Jesus and my mom and dad.  I want to make a mini journal and not write on the computer, so we are going to do that next.  

well there it is hopefully as weeks go by they may become a little more detailed, but then again they are boys so this is something.

Here are our mini Journals, we just cover stapled paper with felt and cut out animal shapes out of felt, If you can't tell Everett's is a Panda, Mason's is a bear, and Parkers is a turkey.


The Meier Family said...

Katie, this is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing it, your boys are too cute! Hope you enjoyed twilight!

Amy Fox said...

What a fun idea to do it on your blog. I'm sure they enjoyed dictating to you. My girls enjoy the one-on-one time with me when we do it, which isn't every Sunday, sometimes it just doesn't work out! Sounds like they're having fun in school. Those journals are cute. You're so creative.

Unsworth Imports said...

Katie, how cute! I loved this, I don't get much out of them when I talk to them on the phone, so I really liked this. Give them big, fat kisses for me.

Anonymous said...

Very cute idea. My daughter, Sarah wants a journal and I bet she'd love making her own.

Love the animals on the front:)