Thursday, November 6, 2008


This is posted a little late but oh well.  We went on a spontaneous trip to Spokane just before Halloween.  Since it was so quick we  forgot (of course) the boys costumes.  Thanks to cheap Walmart halloween make up and a nice sister-in-law (thanks Mary).  We ended up with two Vampires, a pumpkin, and a lion.  For the record Mason didn't want to be a vampire he said they were to scary, but I think he looks like a scary Jack 'o' lanturne.  We had fun going with Bay and Mary to their ward party and trunk or treat.  I personally don't like halloween so that was good enough for me.  They boys enjoyed it and they loved scaring Grandma Fox.  


Unsworth Imports said...

How cute are those monsters. I am glad you had fun. I miss you.
Vegas trip can't get here soon enough.

fox family said...

Cool that you could make a trip to Spokane. The boys looked so cute! Simon's smile is so great!