Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dinner with Parker

As part of my plan of raising boys I am determined to have boys that can cook and do house hold things before they go on missions so I have a while to get them ready for that task.  In view of that I have decided to let Parker plan and cook a meal for the family of his choice every other week and as he gets older more often.  We went to the store and he decided that he wanted some steaks, shrimp, fish, fruit salad, and rolls.  I was very fun shopping with him and helping him think about how much we will eat.  I think he was more excited about the fruit salad than anything else, he picked out apples, bananas, pears, star fruit, mango, watermelon and grapes, it was very good.  We planned to grill everything but silly me I didn't know how to hook up the grill, so he cooked them up on the stove instead.  He was having a wonderful time cutting the fruit and I could tell he loved the responsibility.  


Carrie said...

What a great idea- you are such a good mom! I think I might steal that idea and do it with my own boys. I think they would really like it. Parker looks like he had a lot of fun.

Kelsey said...

Great idea--Austin and Nyah love to cook with me, but I hadn't thought of having them help with the planning. Looks delicious!!

Unsworth Imports said...

Good for Parker, What did the brothers think of the meal?