Sunday, January 4, 2009


Here are my boys journals, remember I typed what they said, except I did tweak a few sentences to make more cense 
Parker 1-4-09
I am excited to turn 8 in May and get baptized .  I was excited to get my Webkin bat for Christmas.  I got two other Webkins for Christmas and I gave my elephant one to Everett.  I can't believe I got to go on Webkin world and get stuff for my bat.  I did have fun in the snow trying to built a snowman, and snow angles, and jumping on the snow trap.  Today in church we talked about getting older and now I am in CTR 8 and my class is with CTR 7, we get to sit in the back row.  We got some brand new Legos.  I can't believe I got a science kit which I am very excited to do.

Everett 1-4-09  
I like my cool robotic remote control "Spike" dinosaur that I got for Christmas.  I love to be with my mom.  The snow is super fun.  I am now in CTR 7 the same class with Parker, we got to keep one of the same teachers as last year.  I love my baby brother and I love my family.  I don't like mice.  We built with our blocks this week and played with our new legos.  I don't like rats.

Mason 1-4-09
(This part is written by me)Here is a quote of the week for Mason, "Gimme a beat" proceeded my air guitar and head banging.  What can I say my kids are so cool.
Now here is Mason:
I like guinea pigs.  I love my mommy.  I love my daddy.  I love Simon, and I love my brothers.  I love the earth.

(This is me again)
This is such a fun project to do with my kids (when I remember)  They are so funny and cute when they are trying really hard to come up with some serious answers to my questions.


Unsworth Imports said...

Kiss for Parkster, Kiss for Rett-boy, Kiss for Maceys and Kiss for Simonson. From Auntie