Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am overruled

One of the many down falls of being the only girl in the house is there have been a few times that testosterone overrules any objection that I have to some activities that take place in the house like this for example.

Yes they are throwing a football in the HOUSE!  Isn't that the number one no no rule we have heard all of our lives.  Not only that but they had to be higher to match dads hight so almost smash the light with their throws.  Well I guess thats what happens when you have been snowed in for a week and need some physical activity (that is why I let them do it by-the-way)
I just played with Simon or I should say kept the ball away from him and made sure he didn't fall of the window ledge :-)


Kelsey said...

Having grown up playing sports, throwing a ball around the house was a favorite activity--I have great memories of playing indoor volleyball with my family using a beach ball. My mom tolerated it, and I'm sure we broke things!! Now my kids and Kurt like to play football and hallway soccer. I try not to be a hovering mom worrying about my walls and other breakables, but its hard. It must be genetically passed from Mom to Daughter.

Unsworth Imports said...

I love it - I laughed so hard at the pictures. Pick your battles, Good for you!!

Wise Family said...

Your kids are just making great memories. Your a good mom!

Abe Fox said...

Great shot of you and Simon!

And least Phil hasn't taught the boys about Indoor that ROCKS.

Remember, Phil......downstairs on that hard floor where Daniel would practice dancing......and then, inevitably, we would knock down one of the ceiling panels and SMASH!