Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wow! Been a while.

Well, It has been a while since writing on here, sorry about that. Lets see, we have just been plugging along with our lives. Phil in enjoying school and should graduate with his bachelors in july (yay!) then (hopefully, fingers crossed and prayers said) He will get into grad school at the Y for fall. He is enjoying working at the MTC and he gets to teach elders quorum on sunday.
Parker is enjoying 4th grade. He has an awesome teacher and special ed team that helps him. I am happy that he will get to finish his elementary at this school, it is a really great school. He is currently obsessed with Angry Birds. You would think that he got to play all day on Angry Birds for how obsessed he is with it but he actually doesn't. Parker is in Webelos and is getting close to getting his badge. He is very excited to be in 11 yr old scouts, and with my scouting back ground I am in a little bit of a shock that he is almost there. Parker is growing just like his dad, he grew 3 inch in the last 4 months. He is currently 5'3'' that is only 2 inch shorter than me! I love that he is so tall but then again he is still my little boy and it is a little unnerving that he can look me in the eye when I talk to him.
Everett loves 3rd grade and also has an awesome teacher. He has a lot of friends in the neighborhood and loves that he sees them at school AND at church. He loves playing the game Farkle and is pretty good at it. He is currently in Bear scouts, and working hard on that. Everett has surpassed Phil in his Lego building talent. That kid makes some of the coolest things and constantly wows us. Everett is my biggest helper with Calvin, I LOVE it. Though Calvin is getting into a mom only phase, sorry Everett.
Mason is in 1st grade and is lucky to have his own Aunt Sarah (or Mrs. Bethel at school) for his teacher. The funniest thing is he seems to forget at school that she is his aunt and only thinks of her as his teacher. She is due anyday with a baby and a few months back when they found out that it was a boy, I told Mason that the baby was going to be his cousin. The look on his face was priceless, he looked so confused. You could actually see the wheels turning in his mind making the connection, it was really funny. Mason is an awesome reader and his reading some magic tree house books and Junie B jones. I LOVE this! He is always wanting to read and will read whatever I put in front of him.
Simon is 4 and my little mommas boy. Which I love! He likes to be where I am all the time and follows me around the house, when he isn't causing trouble with Calvin. He is the sweetest kid! Simon will give me hugs and kisses just because I am standing there (love it!). He has reached the wonderful age of pondering the world around him. He constantly is asking me questions. Not why questions but HOW, how do they make cars? How do they make metal? How do they make bones? thankfully he is only 4 and simple answers satisfy him. This boys is baby hungry also, he always sees babies and wants to sit and play with them or take care of them, (So cute!)
Calvin is 2 and thankful a fairly easy 2 year old. He does the same stuff most 2 year olds do but it doesn't seem as bad :)
He loves his brothers and gets what ever he wants from them, even stuff he isn't supposed to have because they give him whatever he wants! Calvin is the cutest kid, we have so much fun with him. He loves to color and cut paper and copy his big brother (good and bad).
I am keeping busy. I have some friend that I go walking with 2 to 3 times a week. Every wednesday I go to my friend Lynseys house and we work on our craft projects together, it is so fun and I get a lot accomplished. My current projects are Everetts baptism quilt (yes he is 9, hence the need to get it done:) and starting Masons baptism quilt. I have a year lets see if i can get it done. I got called to be the Relief society Activity Board Leader, so I get to head up all the fun relief society activities which I am very excited about. I also get to go into my kids classes every friday and either read with them or help the teacher with various projects. I love doing this, I enjoy seeing how their classes run and meet their friends. I keep busy with Calvin and Simon while the other boys are at school and we have fun here at home, if only I could get more organized and keep it clean. I have been enjoying being back in Utah, it took a while, but I enjoy it now. I see my sisters more often which I love and the cousins get a lot more play time in.
That seems to be all with our family, nothing terrible exciting but fun nonetheless. Lets see if I can post for often then every 8 months :)


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Wonderful update!!