Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boys Versus Girls

I am having a strange experience tonight.  As you know I have only boys, so I am used to playing things like: wrestle, bug hunt, chase and tickle, building blocks, play dough and coloring.  I know that girls do some of these things as well but it is so much different then the way my boys play from what I have experienced.  I am watching some of my nieces (and nephew) tonight and I asked them what they wanted to do.  One says well "I wanted to play school, I brought some glasses that I could wear and be the teacher" then she went and explained all the things that she wanted to do.  I was so impressed because this is exactly how I played as a kid.  I have been listening to them play for like 20 minutes and it is so cute hearing her say "OK, now students" and that sort of thing.  I went and peeked at them and all my boys were sitting on make shift chairs and upturned plastic tubs for desks with papers and pens and they were "playing school" even Mason.  I don't think that I have seen them sit that long with something that was not a movie or video game.  Anyways I think it is really cute and foreign to me, my boys would never come up with this idea on their own.  I hope someday Phil and I can experience having a girl.  I wanted to tell Tiffany that she has awesome kids and they are so much fun and I love them all.


Kathy Rump said...

That's awesome! McKenna LOVES to play school. She likes to call her "teach".

Unsworth Imports said...

Do you remember playing school, with our neighbors Destiny? and we couldn't find an eraser, so we used tied up rubber bands? I remember you being there because she was your age. Anyway, just a silly memory. Maybe they will play house next, or college.