Sunday, October 5, 2008

Husband Tag, I'm it!

I got tagged by my Sister, so here we go.

1. Were did you meet? At a dance club in Provo called Club Omni

2. How long did you date before you got married? We meet at the end of February and were married the end of July so that is 5 months.

3. How long have you been married? Just over 8 years

4. What is you favorite feature of his? His Big brown eyes

5. What is your favorite quality of his? He is the most humble man I have ever met and the most giving man he would give our car to someone who needed it more than we do.

6. Does he have a nickname for you? Babe, and honestly he does call me dude, I never noticed until my brother-in-law pointed it out and was appalled, but I don't mind.

7. What is his favorite color? Blue

8. What is his favorite food? Mona Vie, he also likes peanut butter on toast.

9. What is his favorite sport? That's easy Golf, but he does get in to BYU football and that is it thank goodness.

10. When and where was your first kiss? Back seat of his friend's car driving home from our 2nd date. It was a total surprise kiss and it was the best kiss of my life, I always wanted a surprise kiss.

11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Our dates are usually dinner and a movie, but we like to sing along to our favorite songs together and drive around, we did that a lot when we were dating.

12. Do you have any Children? 4 boys, Parker Young 7, Everett Bethel 6, Mason Joseph almost 4, and Simon Walter 1 in 3 weeks.

13. Does he have a hidden talent? he is a closet Photographer and he grills the best steak, Chicken, Pork pretty much anything he grills is awesome.

14. How old is he? 30, not matter how old he gets I am still married to a FOX :)

15. Who Said "I love you" first? He did, than I said it the next day.

16. What do you admire most about him? He is known as the peacemaker in his family. He always is good at calming me down. He gets along with everybody, and children love him. He is the most selfless person, I don't think I have ever heard him say "What about me" or "That's not fair". He loves our children so much, and he honors his priesthood to bless our family. He is so giving and responsible for our family. He loves his Parents and Brothers and Sisters. I could keep going but I'll end with this, he makes me feel like the most beautiful and most accomplished woman in the world and I love him so much.

17. Do you think he will read this? Yes, he most definitely will.

That was fun, now I tag Gina Shumate, Carrie Meerdink, Betsy Fox, Amy Fox


fox family said...

I really enjoyed this Katie. I don't know Philip super well, but everytime I'm around him, I'm so impressed. He's such a great dad and husband. I'm happy for you two. You make a great couple. Wish we could spend more time with you guys.

Unsworth Imports said...

I love to hear that my baby sister is being taken care of. Your so far away and I am glad you have that 'rock' in your life. I love you, Katie - butt munch!!

Unsworth Imports said...
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Anonymous said...

Phil, what's up? How's the Ricks night owl?
Baden and Mary are in my ward and Mary is my secretary in the Primary. She's awesome!! Saw you guys lurking on our blog. Looks like you and Katie are having a blast in Oregon. Dave and I love Cannon Beach. It's our favorite get-away spot.

Cute kiddos!