Monday, October 13, 2008

Standing Man

Why do they have to grow up, I guess it is necessary.  This morning Simon was sitting on the ground in front of me then he just stood up.  He took his first official steps a few days ago.  He is definitely a very independent baby because he won't walk holding my hands but he will cruse around furniture one handed.  Congrats Simon your growing so quick. 


Kathy Rump said...

They really do grow up too quickly. Luke is 7 months already, Jason and I can't believe it. I remember when Simon was 7 months old hanging out with Philip in the hallway during church!

Unsworth Imports said...

I can't believe it! I don't get enough of your babies. Package him up and send him here, so I can kiss and chew on those fat cheeks.

Carrie said...

He's getting so big! That does it- we need to get together SOON!!!