Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy #6 Everett

OK so this is a few days late but here it is.  Everett turned 6 on October 3 2002.  Everett is our most enthusiastic child.  He is our biggest cuddle bug also.  He is a great big brother, he always gets Simon when he wakes up from his nap and Simon laughs a wiggles every time Everett plays and talks to him.  Everett started Kindergarten this year and he is loving it, he loves being independent.  Everett has been into bats, the color black and batman since he was two, so its a good thing his birthday is in October.  We had a party for him this year and I think he had fun, he had a hard time doing anything other than opening presents.  In other words he didn't want to do anything else and was kind of pouting with everything.  He was very happy in the end, and thanks to those who got him something.   He is enjoying having new toys that are HIS and saying "you need to ask me because they are mine", thankfully he is not being to overbearing.  It is always nice when they have a birthday because for a short time they seem to be more helpful because they are trying to be more responsible.  Here are some pictures of Everett over the years.
Everett in the Hospital
Look at those FAT cheeks, to cute.
After swimming about 9 months old.
Everett in Hawaii at 16 month, I couldn't keep him off this it wasn't even ours.

Had to do a naked shot, He has always loved the water.

We love you Everett!!


Unsworth Imports said...

I LOVE EVERETT!! Happy Birthday to that crazy kid! I am sorry I can't be with him!

Anonymous said...

He's a cutie! They just keeping growing up, way too fast! Enjoy these precious times:)